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Thanks to God , Rosha Rokhdad Naghshe Jahan Company has started its activities as a host of specialized exhibitions, conferences and seminars, domestic and foreign, and always strives to establish a connection between different industrial and international complexes by holding more specialized and professional events. Help provide services and provide opportunities for competition between them.

Holding conferences

Holding domestic and international exhibitions

Advertising and booth Construction

Holding international and domestic exhibitions

Organizing domestic and international exhibitions is an organized event in which presenters and visitors can trade, compete and cooperate with each other through organized

Exhibition booth construction

Exhibition booth construction means creating a limited store space for a temporary period of time.

Construction and management of exhibition stands

Exhibition booths should be able to meet the marketing and branding needs of companies. Therefore, the feature of beauty and attractiveness is one of the most important features of booths that should be paid special attention during design.

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